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             Let me take this time to introduce to you our company, Custom Instrument Panels. We design and manufacture instrument panels for RV and bus conversions owner. Never before in the history of the RV and bus conversion industry has there been a company that caters to the individual needs of the consumer by providing product and service on the instrumentation of their vehicles.

............ Because our panels are designed by motorhome owners for motorhome and bus owners, they can be tailored to each consumers individual needs. We make our instrument panels with an attentive eye to detail and superior craftsmanship. Custom Instrument Panels is helping consumers to realize their dream today by owning a motorhome or bus conversion with the kind of instrumentation that will afford them accurate and precise reading  with the luxurious look that one would expect only to find in a customized design.

............ Custom Instrument Panel's number one goal is Customer Satisfaction. That's why we listen to our customer's ideas and try to incorporate as much as we can  into each panel we design. On the product line, each panel is specially built, taking into consideration the specific components and options of the consumers desires.

........... We manufacture our panels on site of our 4,000 sq. ft. office and manufacturing facility. We are able to customize each individual panel to the desires and wishes of our customers. Our panels are made from solid plastic core, precision cut and engraved on  computer controlled equipment. Back lighting can be accomplished by the use of incandescent or electroluminescent lamps. Custom Instrument Panels uses many different surface color and finishes. Surfaces are UV finished and fingerprint resistant.

.......... . Knowing that our company puts meticulous craftsmanship,  luxurious interiors for comfort and ease of operation, along with dependability, why not insure yourself one more extra.....the peace of mind is  knowing that their instrumentation is accurate and precise with an elegant command control center that is equipped with the latest in technological instruments.


Oswald (Mac) W. McNeal Jr.



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       Street Addres          21203 So.Figueroa St. #A Carson, CA  90745 Technical Information

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Custom Instrument Panels will repair or replace, at its discretion, the defective item.

Custom Instrument Panels is not responsible for shipping cost, labor charges for installation or removal of products, inconvenience there of.

Any misuse, alteration or incorrect installation of product will void this warranty.

This warranty is limited as defined by the Magnuson-Mass Warranty Act of 1975.



1. Written authorization or return authorization number must be obtained in advance.

2. All sales of instrument panels are final and are not returnable.

3. Stock adjustment and return of nondefective merchandise will be subject to a 15% handling charge.

4. No deductions or credits may be taken in advance on  returned merchandise.

5. Discontinued items, ( not shown in current price sheet), will not be accepted on return.



Products in need of service should be returned as per the following:

                                            1. Package carefully to prevent shipping damage.

                                            2. Include return address.

                                            3. Enclose the dated sales receipt.

                                            4. Ship prepaid to Custom Instrument Panels.