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For more detail and pricing on gauges just click on gauge picture.

Please note our gauge pricing has changed. Please call for new pricing. 704-985-0171

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The Amega Line of Teleflex instruments features red and white graphics on a black dial background, and a raised step bezel.

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The XL line features a tri-color combination of yellow, white, and orange on a black background with a raised bezel.

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The International Line features  yellow and white graphics which are easy to read against the black dial background.

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The Premier Line feature white graphics on a black background and scratch resistant Convex domed glass lenses.

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The Premier White line features black graphics on a white background, scratch resistant domed glass lenses, and a chrome finish bezel.

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 CIP is proud to announce the release of the GPS Speedometer. This instrument provides accurate speed readings, odometer and compass heading information all in one attractive package.

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The CIP Amega Line features white and red graphics on a black background, with international style bezels.

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CIP XL line feature yellow ,white ,and orange graphics on a black background with international style bezel.

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